Two Week Recap

Black Stallion
3 min readDec 19, 2022

Hello, Black Stallion community, we hope you’re all well!

We’ve been live for the past two weeks and we’ve hit some milestones that we’re very proud of. Today, we will take note of what has transpired.

Come with us.

The Recap

We started out on December 7th with a simple Twitter post and that was the beginning of our online story, even though we were in development long before that.

Right after that, we did some finishing touches to our WhitePaper and published it on our website. Immediately after, we also started publishing on our Medium blog and our first article was related to what came before.

We also wrote about our roadmap (sort of the opposite of what we’re doing now).

Speaking of online stuff, that’s the week when our main website and our MBG website went live. We did a write-up on them. Check it out.

With regards to the game, we teased you on two occasions:

  • With our teaser trailer on YouTube
  • And with a sneak peek of what our team is working on

On the 10th, our contest started and it’s on until 30th so there’s still time to join!

Finally, we entered a partnership with Coinology which we’re sure will prove itself to be beneficial for both.

Our community has hit a few milestones as well (at the time of writing this article):

  • Our Twitter has hit 10k followers
  • Our Telegram community chat has more than 5k members
  • Our Discord Server has more than 3k members
  • Our LinkedIn profile has more than 4k followers
  • Our Subreddit has almost 3k members
  • Our Youtube channel has over 4k members
  • Our Medium Blog has more than 5k followers

These are really impressive numbers for just two weeks of online activity, but we’re certain that they will not stop growing any time soon.

All this would not have been possible without you, our Black Stallion community. We hope you will continue to support us so that we can deliver the future of crypto to you.

About Black Stallion

Missions, visions, and focal points of BLACK STALLION are to Design and Develop its own Metaverse, own wallet, Metaverse play to earn games, integrate an NFT Marketplace and staking, and merge the gaming industry with cryptocurrencies by establishing an ecosystem controlled by users that enables them to transact both ways through the BLACK STALLION token, allowing gamers, investors, and content producers to earn money while immersed in a unique environment.

The BLACK STALLION token is a cryptocurrency that aims to break down barriers in the video game industry by allowing users to trade within the game using BLACK STALLION Crystals. Players can sell items they’ve discovered, produced, or earned in the game to each other. BLACK STALLION platform is free to play and will enable players to make money as they play.

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